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Highend Acoustic Construction

Studio A

Studio A is the masterstudio in the real estate. The controlroom is slightly higher than the recordingroom, the machineroom is next-door. All rooms are air conditioned with and with good accessible cable funnels conected with each other. The cable funnels are also conected to Studio B in the basement. The acousitc construction is decoupled for the brickwalls.

Studio B

The footprint of Studio B is the same like Studio A. Studio B can be used as two seperate Studios, e.g. for Mastering and Postproduction or control with recording room. Between Studio B1 & B2 is a heavey glas sliding door. Studio B is airconditioned and the rooms are connected with each other with good accessible calbel funnels, with cable funnels to Studio A in the first floor. The acoustic construction is detached from the brickwalls.

Office- and Livingfloor

In the upperfloor is the office- and livingfloor. In the floor are four rooms for office, living and guestroom use. Additionally two bathrooms and a WC seperately. The kitchen is generous and accomodates more persons. The balcony accessible from the kitchen.