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Studio A


Studio A

Studio A is in the first floor of the real estate. Studio A is currently under construction, the pictures show the studiosetup before the renovation.


The acoustic construction and the infrastructure in the controlroom of Studio A have a long track record. Studio A is designed as mix and recording studio. The controlroom is slightly higher with perfect view into the recording room. For large mixing consoles a lot of outboard is enough space. The kinoshita-main-speakers are bricked into the walls. Control- and recording room is seperated with a massive double glass window. The acoustic construction is detached from the brickwalls. Patchfield for analog/digital signalrouting and coax-connections to the recording room and machinerooms from Studio A and B is available. Studio A is air conditioned.


The recording room of Studio A has an asymetrical floor construction. The room is airconditioned, windows allow work with daylight. Patchfield-Patchfield-Connections between control- and recording room is available.